Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

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I used to attain a happy and productive life!

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...having a killer day in your office, getting things done, nothing and no one is stopping you -especially not yourself! You are feeling the love of Jesus and you have joy as you get all of your work done. Clients are happy and orders are filled. You are on a roll!

That’s what a change of mindset can do for you.

Overwhelmed? Been there. Experencing burn out? Been there too. I coached my first client in 2017, and I’ve been helping Christian womenprenuers of color ever since. Today, I know what it takes to have a thriving business and lead a happy healthy life.

Have you been “feeling sluggish” or “not quite able to reach your goals” and your business is suffering because you feel like you can’t get it together?
I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Okay, here goes…

Either you have a positive mindset, or you need to get a positive mindset. It’s that simple. That’s how I went from ripping and running doing all these empty tasks to a knocking down my income-producing list and stepping into the boss I was made to be…Watch my #YourNewMindset class below.

I’ll walk you through how to create your production strategy in one day (really!)

I’ll show you how to keep a positive mindset so you can make more money!

I will show you how to execute your production plan and make it work well for YOU!

“I have gotten so much help from her. She is amazing! I love how she is so personal with everything and makes sure you have all of the resources you need.”

-Penny G.

It is absolutely great. I was going through and I didn’t know how to maneuver to the next step and Samantha just talked me through it, we had a real conversation, we related, I felt, and she really helped me see a different aspect.

-Channy N.

I’m so glad I met Samantha! The most important attribute I can “I Highly recommend” Consult Positivity. If you WANT someone to talk to, if you NEED someone to speak for you, without a doubt you’re in the right place!

-Candy B.

I had my first consultation with Consult Positivity on Saturday. I am happy that I finally decided to reach out and schedule an appointment.

-Kima S.


Meet Your Christian Mindset Educator

Hello! I’m Samantha R. White, C.P.C., and I founded Consult Positivity™ to help Christian womenprenuers of color lead happier more productive lives. I’m the creator of #MasterYourMindset, an 12-week online intensive that helps womenprenuers rock their business, make more money & have more time for themselves!

I’ve been an online educator in North Carolina for almost 10 years and helped thousands of womenprenuers of color earn more money, get things done in their business and crush personal goals while they love life!

More About Me

As a Christian womenprenuer of color, I have landed dream jobs, negotiated salary increases, and making a living solely off of my own sweat. How?

You are a Boss, and I’m here to help you produce more income, have more free time, and be the woman that God has called you to be!


Want to book me 1:1?

Want my help creating and/or implementing your productivity system or organizational model?

“I was in a very sticky life situation and Samantha was there to help throughout 

the way! Great service and a nice motivation to keep 

going no matter what life may bring you :)” – Denice M.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Get #InTheLoop—the tools I used to attain more joy and lead a more productive life!

Samantha R. White


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