About Samantha

I am Samantha R. White, C.P.C., your trusted Christian Mindset Coach. As a certified professional coach, I specialize in helping women around the globe break free from depression & low self-esteem by offering my support, professionalism and Christian principles. I have spent my life helping women transition from emotional pain to peace. I have an extensive educational background including a Masters in Developmental Psychology and a Bachelors in Business Management minor in Psychology. I am a professionally recognized life coach and believe that I was blessed with the natural ability to address the specific needs and interests of women who are suffering from depression and low self-esteem. Since I was 17 years old, I have been interacting with many women and providing incredible insight into the emotional pain plaguing their lives. Owing to my Christian upbringing and belief system, I aim to integrate these teachings and support strategies into my coaching capabilities. Allow me to help you along your transformative journey with incredible support and practical supportive solutions to get you to where you seek to be.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Make Us Professional

Innovation Solutions

Once we have assessed your needs, Consult Positivity will work together to create a plan help you to overcome challenges, accomplish your goals and identify the steps needed to create a better YOU! We keep track of your progress from beginning to end, and after your sessions are complete, we provide a certificate to reveal your journey of accomplishment. Through the course of your sessions, we build your spirit and map out your long term, short term, and personal goals. This allows us to create innovative and highly individualized solutions that best support your purpose.

Quality Services

We do not stop at Mindset coaching sessions. Once we have helped you achieve progress in your mental and emotional goals, we offer continued support to our loyal clients. At Consult Positivity, we provide only the highest quality services and professional considerations you can trust.

Clients Satisfaction

We will research and utilize valuable resources in order to meet the needs of each client. Our solution-focused approach aims to address the pressing needs of clients with the care and attention individuals deserve. Mindset Coaching ensures that every step is taken to provide the support and the positive transformation that women seek in our lives.

Why Choose The Christian Mindset Coach?

  • Be Happy.
  • Realize you are an overcomer.
  • Discover your values, your faith and your belief system and align these with your lifestyle.
  • Fulfil Your Potential.
  • Overcome emotional pain and gain insight to help achieve your fullest potential.
  • Make Positive Changes.
  • Manage and overcome your fears and make positive changes in your life.
  • Find Balance.

I will show you how to breathe, deeply relax and gain control of your world. Schedule a consultation today, Mindset Coaching helping you every step of the way.