Your privacy is our main concern. The internet security is getting more undefended day by day. The data misuse can be a big threat to any company or organization.In our sites, we collect some personal identifying information from our clients and students which are required and we can ensure that this information will be used only when necessary.

We have to take some information regarding bank transaction but those can be shared with a bank or for any financial purpose to do the transaction. We don’t share any of your personal information to anyone unless any government or court issues.

How we collect your information?

Maybe you will be asked to provide your name, address, email address, phone number or some other personal identifying information willingly to deliver our services or products which you have requested.

We also use advanced technology to collect data like cookies to know the time of visits, how many visitors come and how much time spend at our site and IP addresses.

What Do We Do With Your Information That You Provide to Us?

What information we collect from you can be used in many ways such as to deliver your services and products that you have requested, to let you know our regular updates or newsletters, to provide customer support and to get customer’s feedback, to progress our site related stuffs and to stay connected with you by sending emails, text messages on phone, about our services or maybe to get an opinion from you.

We may reveal your information if we are legally forced to do so, in other words, if the law requires it or to protect our legal rights or government issues.

We can ensure you that any information about you we have, will not be sold, transferred or exchanged with any other unaffiliated parties without approval or anyone outside our organization


Cookies are actually small pieces of information which are stored by your browser on your computer hardware. When you visit a site then the site asks permission to your computer to store this file as a part of your hard drive which is known as cookies. Cookies specially collect data from your browser. We can collect anonymous data such as IP address of your device. By collecting anonymous data from the cookies we can update the site to make it more useful for you and other visitors.

Cookies can be protected from your browser settings. If you don’t allow cookies to access your browser then you may miss some features or functionality of the site.

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